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Divingholiday Philippines

Dear Diver, we thank you for your interest in our diving packages.

Our diving package includes all transfers in the philippines, unlimited diving and accommodation.

Upon your arrival in Manila COCKTAIL DIVERS will pick you up at the airport. The transfer from the airport to the diving center on Mindoro Island, Sabang Beach, will be by air-con car and boat ( 2 hour drive + 1 hour boat ride ).

At our resort "GARDEN OF EDEN" we offer you DE LUXE rooms with electric fan, refrigerator, as well as AIRCON and AIRCON PLUS rooms.

The diving center Cocktail Divers/Garden of Eden Resort is located at Sabang Beach near Puerto Galera, right at the sea. Our scuba diving school is equipped with 20 sets of Scuba Pro equipment and 4 Bauer "Mariner" compressors. In addition we offer services such as equipment maintenance, sale of basic diving equipment and personalized digital underwater videos. In a 20 minute boat ride we visit over 29 different diving sites. On a regular basis we organize diving day trips to nearby islands, such as Verde Island, Bonito Island and others with the possibility of a beach BBQ. Located only a few meters from our diving center our beautiful house reef invites you with it's four wrecks and a wide variety of marine life.

Our non limit diving offers include 3 boat dives per day and unlimited house reef diving. All dives include boat, guide, tank and weights. For diving groups we provide exclusive boats and a guide for your independent diving schedule and individual plans.

In Sabang there are small shops, which provide your daily necessities. There are many restaurants that offer international cuisine from Germany, Austria, Thailand, Philippines and many more countries. All restaurants are conveniently within a few minutes walking distance. The prices are very reasonable. In most places a Coca Cola for example will only cost you about 75 US cents .

At the end of your vacation the transfer back to Manila can be combined with our day trips to sites such as Pagsanjan Waterfalls to shoot the rapids. This is the site where Francis Ford Coppola won his Oscar' for his outdoor shots in "Apocalypse Now". Other possible day trips are to the "Taal Volcano" or a sightseeing trip around Metro Manila, a Mega city of 20 million people. For more adventurous people, we offer a 4 day trip to the northern part of Luzon and its world famous Rice Terraces at Banaue. We offer Stop Over programs to cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong and Saigon as well.

Please tell us exactly what you want, so we can tailor your individual arrangements. Of course it is possible to extend or shorten your stay, since we fly daily.

Bear in mind that the Philippines are a relatively new scuba diving destination. Sometimes things may not be as smooth and comfortable as expected. Sabang Beach used to be a fishing village, which is now slowly developing into a tourist destination, especially for divers. Tourists and locals literally live door to door.

This destination is for adventurers. Do not expect the regular package to countries such as Italy, Spain or similar places. You will be more than compensated by the friendly Filipino people, their exciting culture and a fascinating scenery.

Sabang Beach on Mindoro Island is a superb destination throughout the year. The rainy season is relatively dry, whereas the dry season is relatively wet. You can expect some rain throughout the entire year.

Travelers are responsible for their own compliance with visa, customs and vaccination requirements. Europeans do not need a visa for a stay of up to 21 days. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 more months.

There are no official banks in Sabang Beach or Puerto Galera, but there are money changers', who will accept US $ traveler checks and cash in most currencies. On some occasions you might need the original receipt of the traveler checks. You can find official banks in the arrival area at Manila airport. Voltage is 220 volt, with US standard sockets, whereas adapters are available at the shops in Sabang. Our tanks at the divings schools have DIN and INT valves. We recommend bringing adapters. Airport tax currently runs at Peso 750 (14 US $ ) at your departure.

Health: Most medication is available at local stores in Sabang without prescription.

We hope this information will contribute to a pleasant vacation. We wish you a very happy diving holiday. Please don't hesitate contacting us for further information.

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